Railway simulators

Railway simulators

Rail transport is changing fast. It is facing several issues such as changes in the modes of transport, a fast-growing traffic, international standardization of regulations, technological innovations and increasingly numerous requirements on security environmental protection matters. As a consequence infrastructures, rail signaling and rolling stock are increasingly complex and sophisticated.


In this rapidly changing context, OKTAL addresses mainly the drivers’ training market in which using simulation allows a cost effective and ecologic training, while avoiding human and material risks. The training on simulators also enables line and rolling stock learning before they are actually operating.


OKTAL is also trading on engineering and research markets, notably for ergonomics and system validation.


OKTAL provides innovative and turnkey simulation solutions. They are specifically designed in close partnership with our customers according to:


  • Its pedagogical objectives and its operating constraints
  • Experimentation and associated protocols
  • Available study facilities and current conception and validation processes

OKTAL has a deep knowledge of railway and training engineering markets supported by numerous collaborations with worldwide operators and manufacturers.


OKTAL has over 20 years’ experience in the business and it has shown a proven feedback as a turnkey simulators provider. OKTAL guarantees to its customers a real proximity at each stage of a project whatever their location are.

3D Urban environment - Tramway simulator
3D Station - Tramway simulator 3D Passenger service - Tramway simulator 3D Tracks - Tramway simulator Night driving - Tram-train simulator Traffic incident - Tramway simulator

LRV/Tramway/Street Car Operators

Training for LRV/Tramway/Street Car drivers

Since LRV/Tramway/Street Car are often operated in urban areas, it is necessary for operators to train their crew on accident risks and procedures related to the presence of other vehicles, pedestrians and road traffic. Thanks to its automotive and railway dual expertise, OKTAL can provide the best solution on the market for LRV/Tramway/Street Car training.
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Metro Operators

Training for Metro drivers

Given the high volume of passengers carried, quality of service is a major stake for metro operators. The use of simulators is an excellent way to improve driving techniques and on-time operations. The simulator offers a unique opportunity to train the drivers on operating procedures including the communication with control center, on passenger’s announcement and on the response to incidents in the train and on the platform. OKTAL’s know-how of metro operations is well recognized by metro major players in France and worldwide.
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3D Station - Metro simulator
3D passenger service - Metro simulator 3D Station - Metro simulator 3D Outdoor station - Metro simulator
3D Freight train simulator movables
Freight train simulator Homepage Freight train simulator Fault Finding Station 3D tracks - Freight train simulator Ecran d'accueil Simulateur de train de fret (DE24000) DE22000 Freight train simulator Homepage

Freight Train Operators

Training for Freight Train engineers

Training of freight train engineers is mainly focused on the train operations taking into account the constraints of breaking and traction on heavy and long trains. The complex systems such as "distributed power", "ECP" (Electronically Controlled Pneumatic) brakes and train device are faithfully reproduced in OKTAL's simulators train model. Energy consumption being a major concern for this kind of train, specific eco-driving applications have been developped by OKTAL and implemented in our simulators.
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High Speed Train Operators

Training for High Speed Train drivers

The introduction of last generation simulators has made possible addressing in the training the safety issues related to high speed driving that cannot be addressed with hands-on training (emergency brake, signalling). Many major players trusted OKTAL's ability to replicate complex control and signalling systems in the simulators delivered.
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3D Train - High speed train simulator
3D environment - High speed train simulator High speed train simulator Fault Finding Station 3D Tracks - High speed train simulator