Automotive simulators

Automotive simulators

The range of SCANeR ™ software meets the needs of driving simulation through two specific variations:


  • SCANeR™studio : for research and engineering

  • SCANeR™DT : for training and prevention

SCANeR™ software range

Main characteristics of the Software
  • Ergonomic and User-oriented graphic interface for controlling the software and simulation
  • Scalability: adapts to all system configurations ( from a work-station to the most advanced simulator),
  • Capacity for Evolution: the too is available in several configurations in order to adapt to the user’s needs,
  • Handles test and driving tasks in the same product,
  • Architecture distributed on TCPIP Gigabit Network
  • Software runs under Windows (XP/Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bits) and compatible systems , Real Time,
  • Possibility of integrating or being integrated into 3rd Party Software,
  • An API to extend the capacities of SCANeR ™ Studio
  • A unified data management system:
    • A single XML document for the configuration of the simulation
    • A post-processing tool which allows analysis of the simulation data


SCANeR™studio is a complete software tool meeting all the challenges of driving simulation. Far from being a “black box” tool, it is a genuine evolving simulation platform, extendable and open, answering the needs of researchers and engineers.

Main modules:


  • Models: Dynamic Vehicle, Autonomous Traffic, Pedestrians, Scripting,
  • Restitutors : Visual, Sound, Dynamic Platform,
  • Acquisitions : Virtual or Real Pilot, tracking systems , physiological data.

The idea of the software is for it to be used around the operational processes of driving simulators, structured around five dedicated modes of the graphic interface:

  • TERRAIN MODE: Road network creator RoadXML allowing the rapid creation of realistic road networks-useable directly in the simulation,
  • VEHICLE MODE: Tool for the fine-tuning and study of dynamic models,
  • SCENARIO MODE: Driving Simulator scenario editing tool,
  • SIMULATION MODE: Simulation supervision tool,
  • ANALYSIS MODE: Detailed Graphical Analysis tool.
SCANeR Studio
SCANeR Studio - Visual SCANeR Studio - Visual SCANeR Studio - Visual SCANeR Studio - Terrain SCANeR Studio - Véhicule SCANeR Studio - Scenario SCANeR Studio - Simulation SCANeR Studio - Analyse
Main characteristics of the software
  • The power of SCANeR ™ studio for training simulators,
  • "Runtime" licenses compliant with the deployment of many simulators,
  • Sotware runs under Windows (XP/Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bits),
  • A debriefing tool to assess the outcome of exercises,
  • An API to extend software capacities and add specific functions.

SCANeR™DT (Driver Training)

Derived from SCANeR™studio technolgy, SCANeR™DT is a dedicated solution for training simulator manufacturers for any type of vehicle solution:


  • Light vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Transit and emergency vehicles

With the power of SCANeR ™ studio, it allows to create simulators of a high level of fidelity. It includes more specific functions for creating training simulators:


  • Student and assessment results management,
  • Simplified graphical interface for self training,
  • Centralized monitoring tool for several simulators.

The software is provided as an SDK for the integrator and is available in volume as "runtime" for deployments with end customers.

A set of training modules is available to help the integrator in starting the simulator training project.
SCANeR DT -  Simplified interface for the trainee SCANeR DT -  Simplified interface for the trainee SCANeR DT - Supervision SCANeR DT - Trainer interface SCANeR DT - Traffic